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Guess Which Brand Of Jeans We Love?

Now this may seem like a bad pun, but it should not take away from the brilliance of these jeans. Guess started with jeans, which is basically what the company is generally famous for. No other than the four Marcianos are the figures behind this most widely recognized fashion leaders of today especially in the young contemporary women’s, men’s, kids’ and baby market.

Georges, Armand, Paul and Maurice were all hailed from Algeria, grew up in the southern part of France and moved to California in 1977. Couple of years after, the Guess Company was founded. Their first product was named “Marilyn”, a three – zipper style of jeans. Well, it was sexy and fresh, no wonder within hours, the entire stock was sold out. This was the birth of the Guess label, where its emblem – the question mark, goes with the inverted pyramid design. Though born in Europe, the founders wanted a mix of European and American taste for their apparel so they decided to combine the European style using a traditional American fabric material.

Guess also got famous for their iconic black – and – white ad campaigns that started in 1982. It has won numerous Clio Awards, an honor given to reward creative excellence in advertising and design. The brand’s fashion models have included a list of renowned supermodels where many of which initially reached prominence when they appeared in the ad campaigns.

In the 1980’s era, Guess was one of the most popular brand jeans. A year after, it launched its line of watches identified as “Guess”, “Guess Steel”, and “Guess Collection (Gc)”. The watch line still is being sold today along with other accessories. Later in 1984, “Baby Guess”, baby clothes’ line was introduced. Although the first designs were created for women, the following years, Guess Men’s line was introduced. Guess’ sales boomed after launching its several lines of clothing and accessories.

However, it experienced major downturn during the nineties as other clothing companies also rose up in recognition. Their stock dropped dramatically. Aside from that, little by little, their image was tarnishing. This got worse when they faced issues on labor and employment wage, and problems with regards to minimum wage rate and overtime pays. They were also found to have violated some regulations at one of the company’s contractors. The same year, Union of Needletraders, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE) sued the company for once again failing to pay the minimum wage and overtime to workers. UNITE went on with its public relations campaign against Guess where the company defied with a defamation suit against UNITE team.

To gain back its reputation, the company released a full – page ads in national American newspapers stating that its contractors are now “100% free of sweatshop labor”. Sweatshop is a term to describe a manufacturing company that is physically or mentally abusive and that workers are compelled to work unreasonable hours without receiving adequate amount in return. Guess also brought into play supermodels, gaining its impact once again in the fashion market. Paris Hilton was featured in a new series of ads that successfully grabbed the media’s attention. They also introduced its first brand extension, Marciano, a pricey female line of accessories and clothing. Guess Men line began in the spring of 2006, highlighting its luxury faux jacket and other sought after outerwear. In October 2006, the company also expanded their shoe line by re – introducing men’s shoes. And in November 2006 was the opening of Marciano men’s line, a creation full of shirts, blazers, and dress pants. Men’s line will soon be developing in Italy as well.

Guess continues to be guided by the Marcianos. The company has been operating in many countries and is lucratively gaining back its once-stained image.


Where To Find Your Male Grooming Needs?

Ah yes, the sound of that razor that passes through the shaving cream and onto your face, cutting down all the hairs in the way in one simple swoop. How great is that sound to your ears?

For a man, it is not only about the fashion, but also about hygiene. Regular grooming of your facial hair and body hair is very important if you want to look your best and be able to show off those clothes that you spend a lot of money on with the whole package. But how does a man know who to trust for his male grooming needs? And what tools do you need to get the job done effectively?

These are two questions that we find that men face, and we have the answer. Whether you are looking for some shaving tips to get or how to take care of your beard for the long term, you should trust the guys over at Malegroomings. They have the experience and knowledge that any man would need to get started today, and the way they apply it is both entertaining and filled with knowledge. It is one thing to be prepared with the right products, but another to be prepared with the right technique. And that is what these men focus on.

What Are The Basics Of Male Grooming?

Now there are many different styles that guys have and prefer when it comes to facial hair. Some people like to have their beards long, while others prefer a stubble look. The rest might not enjoy the beard at all and prefer to be clean shaven. Whatever the deal is, the first step is always to have the right equipment necessary. As far as the equipment goes, there are certain things you need to know.

For Beards: If you plan on having any beard of any length, you need to own a beard trimmer. This is different from a prototype electric razor that your dad probably had because it is made specifically for your beard. It is not designed to get you a close shave whatsoever and you should not use it that way. Long story short, grab a trimmer if you have a beard of any kind. The guys at Malegroomings have a very informative guide on the best beard trimmer for all types of beards and purposes, so you should check that out.

beard trimmer

A beard trimmer by Riwei

For clean shaven look: Now before we found about wet shaving, we were still using the regular mach 3 razors. After we saw all the benefits that wet shaving has in store for you, we made the switch here and have never looked back. All in all, you should look towards getting a safety razor to get a clean shave that comes as close as a barbershop one. You`d need a brush and to lather up your own shaving cream, but it really does make the whole process fun.

For removing the rest of your body hair: For this, you can just use a standard razor. If your leg hair is really long however, you should probably use an electric razor to trim it down and then you can get it down close with a regular razor. Don’t make this harder than it’s supposed to be.

So now that you have your knowledge of equipment, you would be ready to begin. Simply take your razor or trimmer and just begin to shave. Practice makes perfect so you will only get better in time. One tip that we see that guy’s always make a mistake on is if you keep getting bad results with a certain technique, it is time to switch it up. This is true for razor shaving and it really depends on your technique. If you are rough and not careful, you will get bumps that will make you look not just unattractive but also like an amateur. And that is not the impression you want to give.

As far as a nice technique goes, this video can show you everything you need to know. It is by another shaving expert by the name of Mantic. His blog is another great one and goes by Sharpologist. Mantic focuses more on wet shaving and seems to really know his stuff. But anyway, here is a great video on shaving techniques that all of you can take something away from.


The Only Designer To Get Polo’s From

Ever since he was born, he preferred quality over quantity. He may know he could find his preferred suits at an inexpensive price, he still opt for expensive fabrics which flaunts a more tasteful façade. That made his fashion sense noticeable. And we love him here in Chicago. So who is he?

Ralph Lauren

So you think he honed himself in fashion designing and graduated a degree on it with flying colors? Neither of the two. He was even said to grow up devoid of fashion.

Ralph Lauren is thought to be a born fashion designer who actually studied business but dropped out when he nearly received his business diploma. He worked at a tie company which ultimately directed him to the fashion kingdom he leads today. Named Ralph Lifshiftz, this epitome of classic fashion is a New Yorker who belongs to middle – class Jewish family. He has three older brothers and born to a house painter father

While working at A. Rivetz & Co., Lauren started showing his talent in designing wide ties that initiated his early entrepreneurial profession. Along with his brother, they founded the company Polo Fashions in 1968. Ralph Lauren Men’s was the first founded fashion line.

Since the beginning of Polo, Ralph Lauren has created many other brands. Its clothing for men was a collection of rugby, Polo tennis, Polo golf, Polo denim, RRL, RLX, Polo Ralph Lauren, Black Label and Purple Label. While Polo was considered the “power, stylish and intriguing suit” of the early 80’s, other leading fashion brand like Armani introduced its Italian power suit which set Polo’s look aside. Lauren had battled with it and introduced his refined men’s line of shirts and suits. He lucratively provided the wants of the office workers and businesspersons who wished to project potency at the same time stylish looks.

Adding to the famous Lauren’s collection is the line of women’s wardrobe. Its clothing for women includes Collection, Black Label, Bleu Label, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Lauren Jeans Co., RLX, RRL, Pink Pony and Rugby. It was later followed by his home collection which consists of decorative accessories, sheets, furniture, tabletop, trimmings, bedding and paint. Lauren also provides clothing for children.

Ralph Lauren also introduces it Spring 2007 Collection, a collection that aims to capture the taste of the season. The Men’s Ralph Lauren collection is shredded into different trends and looks, whichever you prefer to go with. Trapper Lake has a weathered classic style. Savannah is vintage – inspired, Vineyard is the new preppy, and Navy Cricket is the modern heritage style. Its Women’s collection also presents the luxurious Spring Glamour, the Savannah Collection and the Argentina Estate Collection – all shimmering the season’s gaze.

Polo Ralph Lauren is also the owner of the retailer Club Monaco, separately working within the RL corporate structure. Ralph Lauren soars higher as it became the Official Outfitter of Wimbledon, redesigning the attires for the Wimbledon staff and players.

Inevitably, with high demands and popularity, Ralph Lauren creation is much desired. However, its apparel is widely manufactured in China, with few exceptions to its line such as the men’s business suits, shoe lines, Rugby and the highly known polo shirts for men. Cheap imitation is spreading all over many Asian and Latin American countries. Definitely, this can be a root to big loss of the company’s sales. PRL is currently working on filing civil action against the vast pirates, like the Ubud dealers who fallaciously claim to be the factory outlet operators, selling bogus items to the foreigners and tourists.

So surprising the boy who was once said to be devoid of fashion has set his own fashion empire and becomes a fashion sage flocked by many of the world’s renowned celebrities, elites and fashion aficionados.


What Brand Do Chicago Men Love? Calvin Klein

When walking around Chicago and just observing what brand men go for the most, I often see the same thing. It shows me that the men here really do know true style.



What comes into your mind when asked about Calvin Klein? You think, “one of the original American brands” comes into your mind first? Probably, yes. Because it is though. But popular content of this brand name is always linked with underwear put on men’s oozing and sexy bodies. Calvin Klein’s successful audacious advertising on his fashion shouts a blend of sexuality and masculinity into men’s fashion. Over the decades, the messages that the brand is trying to convey added fame at the same time critics and scrutiny because the brand’s advertisements and billboards and its messages were often interpreted as too sensual and explicit.


To trace its history, Calvin Richard Klein initially put up the Calvin Klein Ltd in partnership with his childhood friend Barry Schwartz. In 1968 they launched the now known popular brand name of clothing in the US. Calvin Klein is a famous American fashion designer who attended the High School of Industrial Art and graduated from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Bringing its name, Calvin Klein is considered top among the designing and marketing companies. Its main headquarters is in New York but it also operates in Milan, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo.


In addition to garments, Calvin Klein also established his name to a collection of perfumes including CK One and CK Be which is now owned by Coty Inc. Swatch Group. The latter also produced watches and jewelry under the CK and CK Jeans brands.


The company faced numerous downfalls too. It attempted to set up its own line of fragrance during the late 1970’s however it was not a complete success and so they just withdrew from the market losing big in their financial stature. Despite that loss, the Calvin Klein Empire easily boomed into a million dollar worth of company. In 1696, Mr. Klein was dubbed as “the supreme master of minimalism” who also appeared in Vogue magazine. He was given the Coty Award for three consecutive years while at the same time, getting the license for scarves, belts, furs, shoes, and sunglasses. The astonishing and swift growth of his company sustained through the early eighties. But then again, the company felt bankruptcy throughout the later 90’s where it placed some rumors that the industry is up for sale.


However, despite the trouncing effect of disagreements, financial problems and pressures from all sides, Calvin Klein was able to cope with it and stood out. Once again, its sales swelled. Mr. CK was named “America’s Best Designer” for his minimalist all – American designs in the early 1990’s. The company regained its popularity and confidence. However, like any other names in the fashion business, CK is the favorite of critics and conservative sects in the society as it frequently is being issued queries regarding its campaign ad contents, pictures and nearly or nude poses, more so about its provocative campaigns on its Calvin Klein men’s underwear.


CK pioneers in building up fresh faces. Calvin Klein models become the targets of media so it is close to possible that their modeling exposure and ad campaigns put them into the spotlight after. Marcus Schenkenberg for one, is hailed as world’s first male supermodel after doing his large Calvin Klein jeans ad campaign. Travis Fimmel is the latest and new Calvin Klein model that has taken over the entire line of the brand’s product.


For sure, thousand of names and bulks of pictures are on CK’s folder – the short-listed, aspirants. A lot of them are sharing the fuss at these times. Some however only grabbed a single moment of fame from ramping and modeling.


Calvin Klein throughout these years has not only provided and established fashion and style for a variety of people globally, but has also helped in another way those dreamers, those unknown faces that you will never expect to shine someday.


Reasonably Priced Male Fashion? Where to Look?

Nowadays they say it is hard to find a reasonably priced, at the same time of good quality clothing, in one. Seldom that you ever find this especially in the high – end shopping centers. They believe, it takes a bundle to have a long lasting kind of apparel that you can store in your closet for a couple of years, and still use it one day you may be able to come across with it. However, this does not hold true for Liz Claiborne Inc.

Liz Claiborne, also Elisabeth Claiborne, is the founder of one of the world’s most successful apparel manufacturing company that provides and designs clothing, of good quality and affordability. She is a fashion designer from Belgium who moved to the United States in the early 1930’s and was brought up in New Orleans, Louisiana. She did not finish her school, as her father does not really consider getting a degree important so before she could finish from high school, Claiborne’s dad sent her to Europe to pursue arts. She was the winner in the Jacques Heim National Design Contest for sketching a woman’s coat. She subsequently transferred to New York to work as a sketch artist at a sportswear house. Her parents anticipated her to become an artist but her interest had always been on studying fashion and pursuing a career as a clothing designer. Probably because she was also taught sewing by her mom way back.

Before putting up her own Liz Claiborne Inc in 1976, she has worked as a designer for Dan Keller and Youth Group Inc. The establishment progressed from its beginning, making affordable active sportswear. She, together with her husband invested approximately $250,000 to fund their company. Claiborne’s collection of pants, skirts, sweaters and jackets became popular in an instant ballooning the sales to over $2 million for the first year. Her products are also just priced in a moderate range of about $40 – $100 that one can easily purchase in the department stores. This brand label became known for many reasons: its quality raw materials, relaxed fit, fine creation, appropriate color choice and clean outlines.

Liz Claiborne Inc. is popular for its extensive availability of women’s and men’s apparel, fragrance and accessories. Liz Claiborne Men basically puts emphasis on the modern day man whose fashion sense tells a lot. The company provides a one-stop shopping milieu by giving the best fashion garb basics in both career and casual that caters to the customer’s lifestyle.

Liz Claiborne shirt for men gives you perfect crisp and cool combined feeling. Some are crafted with a breezy linen blend, made too lightweight to give you a breathable comfort. Some shirts are designed suited for your convenience and to provide your needs on particular situations. Liz Claiborne pants for men on the other hand also display contemporary distinction, perfect for any occasion – be it on office, warm – weather or casual days. Liz Claiborne Inc also introduces its versatile tuxedo jacket that offers excellent softness and a polish look. Its tuxedo pants is also a perfect match, to create a sophisticated, lustrous yet relaxed appeal.

All throughout, the company has more than 30,000 retail stores globally, counting the company’s own retail and outlet branches. There are also more than 40 brands in the Liz Claiborne Inc. collection. Brands include Bora Bora, Dana Buchman, Mexx, Juicy couture, C & C California , Mac, Lucky Brand Jeans and many more.

Liz Claiborne and her husband retired from management in 1989 and just recently on October 16, 2006, she named William McComb as the Chief Executive Officer. The company remains a fashion mainstay in the mid – 1997. Sales have ballooned to more than $2 billion. The company now provides works for over 7,000. In the 21st century, Liz Claiborne Inc. got the top rank among retailers of clothes and accessories in the US. For that, the company further gives it commitment to provide their many customers a variety of selection wherever they chose to shop.


How Christian Dior Changed Fashion In The 1940’s

Christian Dior. Such a great name of a French couture!
He was a significant figure then and now’s in the fashion world, who established his name into the glare of publicity, pioneering to develop license for stockings, cosmetics, and all accessories. He was born in Granville, France.

Christian Dior made it in the fashion house whose name is renowned all over the world. It was a blessing in disguise for this French designer to contravene the wishes of his parents as him, becoming a diplomat. After attending in an elite and highly selective institution, which traditionally educates French political and diplomatic cream of the crop, he opened a small art gallery in Paris out from his father’s money. Some family disaster shut his gallery down unfortunately, leading him to do sketches for Haute Couture Houses instead. He also worked with Robert Piquet and designer Marcel Boussac. Boussac got fascinated on how Dior used his idea on using styling layers of excessive fabrics into a fabulous creation.

Dior founded Christian Dior New York Inc., his main fashion house in 1949. Its trademark “CD” set within a Louis XVI style medallion has become a legend, which is widely imitated since. The House of Dior was bought up in 1987. Today, it belongs to the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury goods, the Louis – Vuitton – Moet – Hennessy Group.

In the late 1940’s, Christian Dior changed the trend of mid – century fashion with his “New Look” design which stressed feminine look. Today, the famous brand name’s head designer John Galliano established a rather versatile look that goes with the modern age. He dubs it “Anything Goes” – era displaying a complete make over of the house.

An interesting trivia reveals that Dior never started his fashion design show without having asked his tarot card reader. His shows were often flocked with at least 2,500 visitors just to see his new collections. Each show displayed up to two hundred fifty outfits. All through the 1950’s, he was the prime and best – run haute couture house in Paris.

His biggest clients were the Hollywood stars, New York socialites, and buyers who often bought the sole rights. There were also discount clothing stalls that bought a number of outfits after being allowed to watch the series of fashion shows. Later on, they are allowed to copy some of the stitches of the designs. As the most prestigious fashion design house in Paris, he caught the attention of today’s famous fashion names. One was the Italian – born tailor Pierre Cardin, as well as the Algerian – born Yves Saint Laurent.

Dior died of a heart attack, after choking a fishbone on a dinner, few days after the Autumn 1957 Collection was finished. Thousands of people attended his interment, with all his staff and famous clients. Quoted from a French newspaper Le Monde, they hailed him as a man who was “ identified with good taste, the art of living and refined culture that epitomes Paris to the outside world”.

Christian Dior ceaselessly comes up with its best designs projected by its models on the runway. The recent Fall 2007 Christian Dior Mens Fashion Show left everyone scratching their heads as once again and always, Christian Dior provided a show to talk about and to crave for more by the audience. The fashion conscious crowd celebrated the showcase of bequest lingered coats and trenches, men’s suits for the season, and other Christian Dior Men and Women’s fashion styles.

Designers of this label always amaze us of their stylish fashion sense. John Galliano takes care of the womenswear, Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme and Victoire de Castellane for the Dior Fine Jewelry. Together, they create a jaw – dropping a fashion craze induced with beauty, sensitivity and emotion.

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