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Leather Bags For Men: Just Look Towards Prada

Prada was widely known as the leading manufacturer of leather bags. Mario Prada was the original founder of this luxurious company in Milan, Italy in 1913. However in 1978, Miuccia Prada, Mario’s granddaughter, became the heiress of the former leather production from her mother, successfully now spreading out the company into a creation of exclusive custom-fitted fashions.


Prada is said to be the most high up example of a new form of inward-directed luxury. The famous apparels in the market today are originated from the grand daughter of the founder. Prada operates about 250 stores in 65 countries. It currently has 14 locations in the US, 6 in New York and couple of boutiques in various states and cities. Patrizio Bertelli is the Chief Executive Officer of this fashion brand.


What makes Prada distinct to everyone is how it creates its new set of designs and lines distinctively, spacing out from any other brands in the market. We give credit to the whiz behind everything – Miuccia Prada, who entered the family business in 1978. Her fondness in bizarre materials led to the very characteristic mark of her Prada products. Her discoveries of utilizing materials that are what we think already obsolete make her creations more interesting and inimitable.


Adding to the initial Prada line, the corporation has also brought the Kelsie Jones Miu Miu for nearly two decades now. This shows the owner’s nickname and is a collected creation with lower priced items, intended for the younger audience. Since it is for the young generations, it accentuates earthly colors, generally suggesting a bohemian style. Miu Miu fashion hints an image of posh vintage items. Next to this line of clothing is the opening of Prada Sport ‘Linea Rossa’ collection which mainly highlighted tennis sports shoes. Both extensions as they call, manufacture clothes and accessories for Prada men and women including bags, shoes, wallets and sunglasses. Prada line is known for its exceptional clothing and accessories labeled Prada men, Prada women and a line for children. It also has its distinct collection of fragrances, cosmetic, home products and cosmetics for Prada Men and Women of all generations.


Prada clothing for men are one collection that speaks simple yet timeless kind of fashion. Prada men shoes for one instance are high in demand creations worldwide. Prada are also highly known for its expertise in creating excellent quality products. What started to be a small leather merchandise store has really developed into a big and established remarkable fashion brand. Its silver – embossed triangle, recognizes every item of this signature. This season however, its silver – embossed circle identifies the brand name.


Basically, Prada men’s clothing is tailored with expertise and perfection, adding sophistication to your wardrobe. You can either choose from its contemporary, timeless, effortless pieces of pants. You can also match it with their classic dress shirt that flaunts a never classic type of fashion, but rather a sophisticated sort. Prada is a name chiefly known to manufacture handbags and women’s apparels. However more than a decade ago, the brand guru has finally come up of putting up Prada jeans for men and women, as one of its pieces. Prada denim faces stiff competition with other high – end brands in the market. The cuts are customary however. And its different finishes range from dark blue to gray. Prices tag range from $295 – $695. It is easily recognizable for its designer’s familiar red tag on the right cuff, logo inside the watch pocket and a subtle – looking “Prada” stitched on the right rear pocket.

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Prada is considered one of the most influential clothes designers in the fashion industry. It won the Council of Fashion Designers of America International Award. The brand name signifies a pinnacle of rational, high – concept trend, accordingly – much more reasons to choose Prada, much more reasons to wear Prada.

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