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Reasonably Priced Male Fashion? Where to Look?

Nowadays they say it is hard to find a reasonably priced, at the same time of good quality clothing, in one. Seldom that you ever find this especially in the high – end shopping centers. They believe, it takes a bundle to have a long lasting kind of apparel that you can store in your closet for a couple of years, and still use it one day you may be able to come across with it. However, this does not hold true for Liz Claiborne Inc.

Liz Claiborne, also Elisabeth Claiborne, is the founder of one of the world’s most successful apparel manufacturing company that provides and designs clothing, of good quality and affordability. She is a fashion designer from Belgium who moved to the United States in the early 1930’s and was brought up in New Orleans, Louisiana. She did not finish her school, as her father does not really consider getting a degree important so before she could finish from high school, Claiborne’s dad sent her to Europe to pursue arts. She was the winner in the Jacques Heim National Design Contest for sketching a woman’s coat. She subsequently transferred to New York to work as a sketch artist at a sportswear house. Her parents anticipated her to become an artist but her interest had always been on studying fashion and pursuing a career as a clothing designer. Probably because she was also taught sewing by her mom way back.

Before putting up her own Liz Claiborne Inc in 1976, she has worked as a designer for Dan Keller and Youth Group Inc. The establishment progressed from its beginning, making affordable active sportswear. She, together with her husband invested approximately $250,000 to fund their company. Claiborne’s collection of pants, skirts, sweaters and jackets became popular in an instant ballooning the sales to over $2 million for the first year. Her products are also just priced in a moderate range of about $40 – $100 that one can easily purchase in the department stores. This brand label became known for many reasons: its quality raw materials, relaxed fit, fine creation, appropriate color choice and clean outlines.

Liz Claiborne Inc. is popular for its extensive availability of women’s and men’s apparel, fragrance and accessories. Liz Claiborne Men basically puts emphasis on the modern day man whose fashion sense tells a lot. The company provides a one-stop shopping milieu by giving the best fashion garb basics in both career and casual that caters to the customer’s lifestyle.

Liz Claiborne shirt for men gives you perfect crisp and cool combined feeling. Some are crafted with a breezy linen blend, made too lightweight to give you a breathable comfort. Some shirts are designed suited for your convenience and to provide your needs on particular situations. Liz Claiborne pants for men on the other hand also display contemporary distinction, perfect for any occasion – be it on office, warm – weather or casual days. Liz Claiborne Inc also introduces its versatile tuxedo jacket that offers excellent softness and a polish look. Its tuxedo pants is also a perfect match, to create a sophisticated, lustrous yet relaxed appeal.

All throughout, the company has more than 30,000 retail stores globally, counting the company’s own retail and outlet branches. There are also more than 40 brands in the Liz Claiborne Inc. collection. Brands include Bora Bora, Dana Buchman, Mexx, Juicy couture, C & C California , Mac, Lucky Brand Jeans and many more.

Liz Claiborne and her husband retired from management in 1989 and just recently on October 16, 2006, she named William McComb as the Chief Executive Officer. The company remains a fashion mainstay in the mid – 1997. Sales have ballooned to more than $2 billion. The company now provides works for over 7,000. In the 21st century, Liz Claiborne Inc. got the top rank among retailers of clothes and accessories in the US. For that, the company further gives it commitment to provide their many customers a variety of selection wherever they chose to shop.


How Christian Dior Changed Fashion In The 1940’s

Christian Dior. Such a great name of a French couture!
He was a significant figure then and now’s in the fashion world, who established his name into the glare of publicity, pioneering to develop license for stockings, cosmetics, and all accessories. He was born in Granville, France.

Christian Dior made it in the fashion house whose name is renowned all over the world. It was a blessing in disguise for this French designer to contravene the wishes of his parents as him, becoming a diplomat. After attending in an elite and highly selective institution, which traditionally educates French political and diplomatic cream of the crop, he opened a small art gallery in Paris out from his father’s money. Some family disaster shut his gallery down unfortunately, leading him to do sketches for Haute Couture Houses instead. He also worked with Robert Piquet and designer Marcel Boussac. Boussac got fascinated on how Dior used his idea on using styling layers of excessive fabrics into a fabulous creation.

Dior founded Christian Dior New York Inc., his main fashion house in 1949. Its trademark “CD” set within a Louis XVI style medallion has become a legend, which is widely imitated since. The House of Dior was bought up in 1987. Today, it belongs to the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury goods, the Louis – Vuitton – Moet – Hennessy Group.

In the late 1940’s, Christian Dior changed the trend of mid – century fashion with his “New Look” design which stressed feminine look. Today, the famous brand name’s head designer John Galliano established a rather versatile look that goes with the modern age. He dubs it “Anything Goes” – era displaying a complete make over of the house.

An interesting trivia reveals that Dior never started his fashion design show without having asked his tarot card reader. His shows were often flocked with at least 2,500 visitors just to see his new collections. Each show displayed up to two hundred fifty outfits. All through the 1950’s, he was the prime and best – run haute couture house in Paris.

His biggest clients were the Hollywood stars, New York socialites, and buyers who often bought the sole rights. There were also discount clothing stalls that bought a number of outfits after being allowed to watch the series of fashion shows. Later on, they are allowed to copy some of the stitches of the designs. As the most prestigious fashion design house in Paris, he caught the attention of today’s famous fashion names. One was the Italian – born tailor Pierre Cardin, as well as the Algerian – born Yves Saint Laurent.

Dior died of a heart attack, after choking a fishbone on a dinner, few days after the Autumn 1957 Collection was finished. Thousands of people attended his interment, with all his staff and famous clients. Quoted from a French newspaper Le Monde, they hailed him as a man who was “ identified with good taste, the art of living and refined culture that epitomes Paris to the outside world”.

Christian Dior ceaselessly comes up with its best designs projected by its models on the runway. The recent Fall 2007 Christian Dior Mens Fashion Show left everyone scratching their heads as once again and always, Christian Dior provided a show to talk about and to crave for more by the audience. The fashion conscious crowd celebrated the showcase of bequest lingered coats and trenches, men’s suits for the season, and other Christian Dior Men and Women’s fashion styles.

Designers of this label always amaze us of their stylish fashion sense. John Galliano takes care of the womenswear, Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme and Victoire de Castellane for the Dior Fine Jewelry. Together, they create a jaw – dropping a fashion craze induced with beauty, sensitivity and emotion.

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