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What Brand Do Chicago Men Love? Calvin Klein

What Brand Do Chicago Men Love? Calvin Klein

When walking around Chicago and just observing what brand men go for the most, I often see the same thing. It shows me that the men here really do know true style.



What comes into your mind when asked about Calvin Klein? You think, “one of the original American brands” comes into your mind first? Probably, yes. Because it is though. But popular content of this brand name is always linked with underwear put on men’s oozing and sexy bodies. Calvin Klein’s successful audacious advertising on his fashion shouts a blend of sexuality and masculinity into men’s fashion. Over the decades, the messages that the brand is trying to convey added fame at the same time critics and scrutiny because the brand’s advertisements and billboards and its messages were often interpreted as too sensual and explicit.


To trace its history, Calvin Richard Klein initially put up the Calvin Klein Ltd in partnership with his childhood friend Barry Schwartz. In 1968 they launched the now known popular brand name of clothing in the US. Calvin Klein is a famous American fashion designer who attended the High School of Industrial Art and graduated from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Bringing its name, Calvin Klein is considered top among the designing and marketing companies. Its main headquarters is in New York but it also operates in Milan, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo.


In addition to garments, Calvin Klein also established his name to a collection of perfumes including CK One and CK Be which is now owned by Coty Inc. Swatch Group. The latter also produced watches and jewelry under the CK and CK Jeans brands.


The company faced numerous downfalls too. It attempted to set up its own line of fragrance during the late 1970’s however it was not a complete success and so they just withdrew from the market losing big in their financial stature. Despite that loss, the Calvin Klein Empire easily boomed into a million dollar worth of company. In 1696, Mr. Klein was dubbed as “the supreme master of minimalism” who also appeared in Vogue magazine. He was given the Coty Award for three consecutive years while at the same time, getting the license for scarves, belts, furs, shoes, and sunglasses. The astonishing and swift growth of his company sustained through the early eighties. But then again, the company felt bankruptcy throughout the later 90’s where it placed some rumors that the industry is up for sale.


However, despite the trouncing effect of disagreements, financial problems and pressures from all sides, Calvin Klein was able to cope with it and stood out. Once again, its sales swelled. Mr. CK was named “America’s Best Designer” for his minimalist all – American designs in the early 1990’s. The company regained its popularity and confidence. However, like any other names in the fashion business, CK is the favorite of critics and conservative sects in the society as it frequently is being issued queries regarding its campaign ad contents, pictures and nearly or nude poses, more so about its provocative campaigns on its Calvin Klein men’s underwear.


CK pioneers in building up fresh faces. Calvin Klein models become the targets of media so it is close to possible that their modeling exposure and ad campaigns put them into the spotlight after. Marcus Schenkenberg for one, is hailed as world’s first male supermodel after doing his large Calvin Klein jeans ad campaign. Travis Fimmel is the latest and new Calvin Klein model that has taken over the entire line of the brand’s product.


For sure, thousand of names and bulks of pictures are on CK’s folder – the short-listed, aspirants. A lot of them are sharing the fuss at these times. Some however only grabbed a single moment of fame from ramping and modeling.


Calvin Klein throughout these years has not only provided and established fashion and style for a variety of people globally, but has also helped in another way those dreamers, those unknown faces that you will never expect to shine someday.

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