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Where To Find Your Male Grooming Needs?

Where To Find Your Male Grooming Needs?

Ah yes, the sound of that razor that passes through the shaving cream and onto your face, cutting down all the hairs in the way in one simple swoop. How great is that sound to your ears?

For a man, it is not only about the fashion, but also about hygiene. Regular grooming of your facial hair and body hair is very important if you want to look your best and be able to show off those clothes that you spend a lot of money on with the whole package. But how does a man know who to trust for his male grooming needs? And what tools do you need to get the job done effectively?

These are two questions that we find that men face, and we have the answer. Whether you are looking for some shaving tips to get or how to take care of your beard for the long term, you should trust the guys over at Malegroomings. They have the experience and knowledge that any man would need to get started today, and the way they apply it is both entertaining and filled with knowledge. It is one thing to be prepared with the right products, but another to be prepared with the right technique. And that is what these men focus on.

What Are The Basics Of Male Grooming?

Now there are many different styles that guys have and prefer when it comes to facial hair. Some people like to have their beards long, while others prefer a stubble look. The rest might not enjoy the beard at all and prefer to be clean shaven. Whatever the deal is, the first step is always to have the right equipment necessary. As far as the equipment goes, there are certain things you need to know.

For Beards: If you plan on having any beard of any length, you need to own a beard trimmer. This is different from a prototype electric razor that your dad probably had because it is made specifically for your beard. It is not designed to get you a close shave whatsoever and you should not use it that way. Long story short, grab a trimmer if you have a beard of any kind. The guys at Malegroomings have a very informative guide on the best beard trimmer for all types of beards and purposes, so you should check that out.

beard trimmer

A beard trimmer by Riwei

For clean shaven look: Now before we found about wet shaving, we were still using the regular mach 3 razors. After we saw all the benefits that wet shaving has in store for you, we made the switch here and have never looked back. All in all, you should look towards getting a safety razor to get a clean shave that comes as close as a barbershop one. You`d need a brush and to lather up your own shaving cream, but it really does make the whole process fun.

For removing the rest of your body hair: For this, you can just use a standard razor. If your leg hair is really long however, you should probably use an electric razor to trim it down and then you can get it down close with a regular razor. Don’t make this harder than it’s supposed to be.

So now that you have your knowledge of equipment, you would be ready to begin. Simply take your razor or trimmer and just begin to shave. Practice makes perfect so you will only get better in time. One tip that we see that guy’s always make a mistake on is if you keep getting bad results with a certain technique, it is time to switch it up. This is true for razor shaving and it really depends on your technique. If you are rough and not careful, you will get bumps that will make you look not just unattractive but also like an amateur. And that is not the impression you want to give.

As far as a nice technique goes, this video can show you everything you need to know. It is by another shaving expert by the name of Mantic. His blog is another great one and goes by Sharpologist. Mantic focuses more on wet shaving and seems to really know his stuff. But anyway, here is a great video on shaving techniques that all of you can take something away from.

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